Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish
Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish
Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish
Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish
Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish
Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish
Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish
Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

Blissful Mauve, 10ML Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

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Toxin Free Ingredient & Cruelty Free

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Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

Blissful Mauve, 10ML Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish


Blissful Mauve, 10ML Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish


Achieve dreamy gel nails with different cat eye effects! It adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your overall nail look.

When we formulated our gel polish formula, we ensured that our formula was extremely pigmented, but not too thick that it makes the nail look bulky and gives you chip-free color that lasts for up to 3 weeks.

  • Stays on the nails for up to three weeks when applied correctly——It doesn't chip, scratch or fade.
  • Easy to apply and doesn't run or smudge when applied.
  • Free of 9 toxins, doesn't have any strong odor.
  • Highly pigmented, delivers a super shiny effect in just two coats.
  • Long retention, glossy shine, incredibly bright and so many exciting colour palettes available.
  • Trusted by professionals & nail art beginners.
How to Use
  • Prepare the Nails: Start with clean, dry nails. Gently push back cuticles and shape the nails.
  • Apply Base Coat: Brush on a thin layer of Makartt Base Coat. Ensure even coverage, but avoid touching the cuticles or skin. Cure under a UV or LED lamp for the recommended time.
  • Apply Gel Polish: Select your desired Gel Polish color. Apply a thin, even coat, avoiding the cuticles. Cure under the lamp for 60 seconds. Repeat for a second coat if needed, curing each coat.
  • Apply Top Coat: Seal the color with a layer of Makartt Top Coat. Keep it thin and precise, away from cuticles. Cure once more under the lamp for the recommended time.
Tips: Need to be used with a base coat top coat and cured under a UV/LED nail light. The nail effect of the nude gel polish will differ according to the number of layers and the amount of gel polish.
  • 【Overlay Different Base Colors】: The rainbow holographic 9D cat eye gel polish has a distinctive design that creates a mesmerizing gem nail polish set with different colors of gel polish.Such as blue pink yellow and so on. In fall, you can pair it with nude nail polish, and in winter, you can pair it with brown gel polish. The charming color changing and cat's eye effect will surprise you.
  • 【Different Cat Eye Effect】: The cat eye gel has a distinctive design that creates a mesmerizing gem nail polish set with different color gel polish. The gel polish contains magnetic particles that react to different magnetic sticks, creating different 9D cat-eye effects on the nail. Makartt only provides one piece of magnetic stick.
  • 【 Rainbow Laser Effect】: The 9D cat eye gel polish not only with cat eye effect but also with rainbow laser color! They can appear in different colors and shapes under a variety of different lights! You will be amazed by all the holo sparkle glitter effects. Rainbow on your nail!endly so that you can create beautiful, fashion nail designs at home. It's good for your nail art design.
  • 【Long Lasting】:The 9d cat eye gel nail polish needs to be cured under an LED/UV lamp and the lighting time is 60-120s, which can make the nail polish last longer and the color more saturated and bright. It can last for 21-28 days.
  • 【Environmentally friendly and healthy】: The magnetic gel polish is environmentally friendly, healthy, and does not hurt the skin. It's the best choice for your nail art. Make your nails healthier and make your manicure design more stylish.

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