Nail Dehydrator (15ML)

Nail Prep

NAIL DEHYDRATOR - Works to remove or clean any nail dust, natural oil or fat and some other bateria on your natural nail plate, so that the nail gel bonds the nail surface better and stronger.

The VERY FIRST STEP OF A NAIL ART -  Nail prepping is the most important step in all nail art design to make the nail design durable and lasting; and nail dehydrator helps for you to do an easy, clean, beautiful, charming, durable and long lasting nail art design.

PLEASANT ODOR AND FAST AIR DRY - Unlike other dehydrator product, this nail dehydrator smells like watermelon which gives you a pleasing and easeful experience for your nail art. And it can air dry in 1-2 seconds. Fast and easy to apply.

HOW-TO - Remove cuticle, shape your nails, file and buff your natural nail plate, clean the dust; and apply a thin layer of nail dehydrator to remove the oil and water on your nails; then. Nail primer for a better adhesion for your natural nails and the nail gel product you apply.

YOUR NAIL LAB IN-A-BOX - Makartt strives to provide our customers with beauty products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty by listening to, working with, and learning from our amazing customers. Here at Makartt we take our greatest inspirations from you - so look forward to our products being tailored to what you want.

Nail Dehydrator (15ML)
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