Ranking Nails from the Selling Sunset Reunion

Ranking Nails from the Selling Sunset Reunion

May 08, 2022Lou Sta Maria

I don't know about you, but I spent all day obsessing over the dresses and the nails on Selling Sunset, especially since the Reunion was released on Netflix just a few days ago! Before we get into the dresses and the nails though, can we just get a little emotional with Jason after seeing him get emotional over watching past footage of him and Chrishell's relationship. I'm glad that Chrishell has finally found peace with G-Flip, but I'm still a little sad over her and Jason's breakup.

Now, let's get into the real topic here: the dresses and the nails! Below are my top 5 picks on their Reunion look:

1. Chrishell Stause's Short Pink Nude & White Detail Set

Wearing a stunning red number by Gaurav Gupta, Chrishell paired it with a super simple, pinkish-nude almond set with white details. With just how stunning her dress was, I felt like these nails were extremely toned down, which made her overall look super elegant. 

I couldn't help but notice her nails in the spotlight when she started tearing up when Jason choked when talking about their breakup though!

Recreate this look:

2. Heather Rae El Moussa's White Coffin Nails

Although it didn't look like she specifically got her nails done for the Reunion, I've always loved Heather's style and her easy, simple, super elegant white nails. It went so well with her pink designer dress. 


Recreate this look:


3. Emma Hernan's Bold, Red Statement Nails

It didn't look like Emma got too crazy with her nails for the Reunion, but I could be totally wrong. It looks like she painted them in solid red, which made them pop really well against her glittery, silver dress.


Recreate this look:


I do have to say that I was extremely disappointed that our favorite drama mama, Christine Quinn didn't end up making the Reunion episode, allegedly due to testing positive for COVID-19. Let's be honest, her nails are a statement piece on their own. Below is the cute nude set she had on for her Ciate London photoshoot and I'm still obsessed.

Recreate this look:


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