A Beginner's Guide to Using Polygel Nails


Hi Ladies!

This is Shawna from Makartt, I'm super excited today to be sharing with you guys a simple, beginner's tutorial in how to get perfect, gorgeous, lengthy nails without every having to visit a salon!

Growing up, I've always loved expressing myself through my nails. From the time I first got to play with my mother's nail polish in elementary school all the way until I was a poor college student, one of my favorite things to do was to play with all the colors I owned and come up with new designs or textures. However, I was faced with the unfortunate inability to ever, grow out my nails (Hi, I'm Shawna and I'm a biter) and salon visits were too expensive and painful (Bye, Acrylics!)

Fast forward about 10 years and here I am today showing you guys a tutorial on using Polygel to get that perfect, affordable and easy DIY nails that you can achieve in the comfort of your own home. 

Click on the video below to start learning how to use Makartt's Polygel! The kit featured below is the Pink Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit, but the process is the same for any other Polygel kit!


Please feel free to comment below if you like this tutorial or if you have any other questions!

Best of Luck, Girls!



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