Pink Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit (3 Pcs)

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This set includes:

3 Nail Extension Gel Colors(Strawberry, Clear Pink, Pink)

This Nail Extension Gel Kit in Pink has beautiful color you loved, to get that gorgeous, charming-inspired nail look.

Compared to other brands, Makartt's Nail Extension Gel technology is stronger, more flexible and easier to style. It's lighter than acrylic and UV builder gel and feels more natural and breathable, while allow you to build more length and designs. Makartt's Nail Extension Gel generally lasts up to one month with proper nail prep (cleaning, buffing and filling). You can extend its lifetime by using a nail dehydrator or primer; and you can retouch your nails by refilling them every two weeks to keep it looking fresh.

Notes: Curing lamp not included. To prevent stickiness as you apply the gel on the dual forms, you can dip your brush in slip solution or use 70% isopropyl alcohol. Base coat can also be used as a substitute for alcohol or slip solution. To remove, you can use a nail drill machine or coarse nail file to remove the poly nail gel before adding nail oil to keep your nails healthy.

      Pink Poly Nail Extension Gel Kit (3 Pcs)
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