Nail Lacquer

HOLOGRAPHIC GLOSSY METALLIC NAIL POLISH – Create an entire galaxy on your nails with Makartt's Galaxy Gloss. Create your next nail masterpiece to rival even a certain Starry Night.

EASY TO USE & EASY TO REMOVE – Makartt's Galaxy Gloss Nail Polish is super simple to use! After a base coat application just paint your nails with our Galaxy Gloss and let it air dry for 30 seconds for the first and second layer. For your final layer let it air dry for 3-4 minutes and then you'll be ready to rock the galaxy - just don't forget the top coat!

ECO-FRIENDLY & CRUELTY-FREE – Makartt's formula is proudly cruelty free - with no animal testing and vegan. Our formula is produced environmentally friendly with no sacrifices to its professional glossy, holographic, and metallic finish. You'll be guilt free and glamming it with Makartt!

YOUR NAIL LAB IN-A-BOX - Makartt strives to provide our customers with beauty products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty by listening to, working with, and learning from our amazing customers. Here at Makartt we take our greatest inspirations from you - so look forward to our products being tailored to what you want.

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