Eberouge 12 Color Nail Extension Gel Kit

Polygel Kit

"Eberouge" is a Japanese game, known for it's romance love story line, where every characterÔhas their own distinctive personalityÔand reference colors inÔthe game. The 12 colors of this kit can represent your unique charm in your daily life. With so many colors to choose from, you can mix, match, and create your unique style looks.

- The poly gel nails are strong, yet flexible once cured
- Has a mild, pleasant fragrance
- Lightweight and feels like your own natural nails
- Can easily be buffed/filed off to remove

This kit includes:

- 12 Nail Extension Gel Colors
- 1 Base Coat and 1 Top Coat
- 72 Dual Forms with 12 Sizes in 2 Shapes
- 1 Dual-ended Nail Extension Gel Spatula and Brush
- 1 Nail File

Note: This product does need a nail art curing lamp and slip solution which is not included in this kit. 70% isopropyl alcohol solution can be used as an alternative to slip solution to prevent stickiness when applying the poly gel.

    Eberouge 12 Color Nail Extension Gel Kit
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