Diamond Crush Glitter Set

Glitters & Sequins

This Diamond Crush Glitter Set features 12 mini pots of mixed-color holographic glitters.

DIAMOND CRUSH GLITTER SET – Shine up your life and nails with our Diamond Crush Glitter Set. We designed each shade inspired by the lookers and dreamers who want to shine their absolute brightest. Don’t forget your nails and get those heads turning with our gorgeous glitter collection.

YOUR NAIL LAB IN-A-BOX - Makartt strives to provide our customers with beauty products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty by listening to, working with, and learning from our creative customers. Here at Makartt, we take our greatest inspirations from you, our creative customers, amazing designs, colors, and techniques are being innovated everyday, everywhere. Makartt is confident that we can provide exactly what you are looking for, because you told us.

Diamond Crush Glitter Set
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