Cover Acrylic Powder (2oz)

SKU: FY-C1488

Cover Acrylic Powder (2oz)

SKU: FY-C1488
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The MakarttPro Cover Acrylic Powder Collection is a must-have for professional nail techs. This medium setting powder is designed to be self-leveling and ultra-smooth. Perfect for creating crisp and clean nail designs, this powder has a buttery texture that will give you a sleek finish. It's perfect for creating a variety of nail art designs and is easy to mix and match with other colors. Make your salon look professional with the MakarttPro Cover Acrylic Powder Collection.

  • High Quality - MakarttPro Cover Acrylic Powder is a high quality formula specifically designed to be smooth going on and secure when set.
  • Medium Setting - Its medium setting formula makes it perfect for the unique needs of nail techs, providing the right amount of working time and strength.
  • Neutral Shade Range - The 12 neutral shades of the MakarttPro Cover Acrylic powder can be easily customized to create the perfect look for every client.
  • Ultra Smooth & Buttery, Its ultra fine particles are easy to work with and create an ultra smooth, buttery-like finish.
  • Non-Yellowing Formula - Its non-yellowing formulation ensures nails remain beautiful and unaltered for longer.

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