Professional Nail File Assortment Set (6 Pieces)

Nail File

MAKARTT'S PROFESSIONAL NAIL FILES – Makartt’s nail files work quickly to trim or shape any nail, whether natural or false, into your perfect desired shape or length. Remove poly nail gel, artificial nails, manicures and pedicures, all effortlessly.

WHAT'S INCLUDED – 6 girt Emery materials nail files: DGE Files for 150, 180, 240, FLEX Files for 100/180 and 220/280, Shiner File for 1000/4000.

180/240 GRIT – Work with different sides. 180 grit perfect for shaping your natural nails and edges, while 240 grit is the side to be working with for final touches on those beautiful nails. 

PREMIUM QUALITY – Our nail files are made with the best adhesive tape and emery board material. Designed to be sturdy, hard to bend, and durable, and just a light bit of pressure and you can see results immediately.

WASHABLE NAIL FILES – Ideal for any all kinds of nail work and can be washed in water for a quick & easy clean.

YOUR NAIL LAB IN-A-BOX - Makartt strives to provide our customers with beauty products and tools that blend self-expression and beauty by listening to, working with, and learning from our amazing customers. Here at Makartt we take our greatest inspirations from you - so look forward to our products being tailored to what you want.

Professional Nail File Assortment Set (6 Pieces)
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