Basic French Nail Extension Gel + Nail Art Set


You might have seen our video on TikTok and wondered to yourself, what do I need to get from Makartt to create my own set? Here is everything in one set!

This set includes:

  • XXL Full Cover Ballerina Nail Tips
  • Nail Extension Gel in Rebel (30ml)
  • Nail Extension Gel in VIP (30ml)
  • Nail Liner Gel in White
  • Raw Glitter in Aurora
  • Top Coat (15ml)
  • Base Coat (15ml)
  • Dual-Ended Nail Extension Gel Brush in White

*The only thing you'll need to grab separately is slip solution or 70% alcohol! Nail Extension Gel is extremely sticky so keeping your brush wet with alcohol or slip solution is important for shaping and blending.

Basic French Nail Extension Gel + Nail Art Set
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