Glitter Acrylic Mix Collection (2oz)

SKU: FY-S0181

Glitter Acrylic Mix Collection (2oz)

SKU: FY-S0181
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Introducing Makartt's Hand Pour Glitter Mix Collection! Designed with our professional nail techs who enjoy sparkles, kawaii and more, these glitters are perfectly encapsulated in clear acrylic so that you can wow your clients at their next appointment! Each glitter acrylic is designed with a mix of shapes and sizes for a multi-dimensional finish. 

Note: These custom, limited edition glitter mixes are hand pour and hand mixed to ensure there's no cut in sequins and glitters! Keep in mind that as they are hand made, there may be slight color and consistency differentiation between each batch.

  • High Quality - MakarttPro Cover Acrylic Powder is a high quality formula specifically designed to be smooth going on and secure when set.
  • Medium Setting - Its medium setting formula makes it perfect for the unique needs of nail techs, providing the right amount of working time and strength.
  • Neutral Shade Range - The 12 neutral shades of the MakarttPro Cover Acrylic powder can be easily customized to create the perfect look for every client.
  • Ultra Smooth & Buttery, Its ultra fine particles are easy to work with and create an ultra smooth, buttery-like finish.
  • Non-Yellowing Formula - Its non-yellowing formulation ensures nails remain beautiful and unaltered for longer.

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