Raw Glitter 2023 Collection (1oz)


Raw Glitter 2023 Collection (1oz)

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Introducing MakarttPro's Raw Glitters – perfect for nail technicians who strive for artistic excellence! This dazzling set includes 24 unique glitter styles in convenient 1oz jars, providing endless possibilities for creating stunning nail designs. 

Each jar contains high-quality glitter particles that brilliantly capture and reflect light for a truly mesmerizing effect. Whether you're crafting intricate nail art or simply adding a touch of sparkle to your clients' manicures, MakarttPro's Raw Glitters are the ideal choice to elevate your creations.


  • Vibrant colors – Makartt’s nail loose glitter provides a variety of intense hues to add shimmer to your nails.
  • Easy-to-use – Applied with tweezers or nail art pens, the 1oz jars of glitter allow for precise and even application.
  • Safe on nails – Made from non-toxic and safe materials, Makartt’s nail loose glitter is gentle and won’t damage your nails.
  • Versatile – Offering many styles, Makartt’s nail loose glitter can be used for a variety of looks - from simple sparkle to full glam.

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