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What is the different between brush on nail glue and solid gel nail glue?

by Membership Makartt 28 Feb 2024 0 Comments

The difference between brush-on nail glue and solid gel nail glue lies primarily in their consistency, application method, and curing process, each catering to different nail enhancement needs.

  1. Brush-On Nail Glue:

    • Consistency: It has a liquid consistency, similar to traditional superglues but formulated specifically for nails.
    • Application: Applied with a brush that comes with the bottle, allowing for a thin, even coat. This method is ideal for adhering false nails tips or press on nails.
    • Curing Process: Brush-on glue air dries relatively quickly, usually within seconds to a minute, depending on the brand and amount applied. Makartt Super Strong Brush-On Nail Glue dries in 10 seconds.
    • Use Cases: Best for quick fixes, attaching nail tips for extensions, or repairing broken natural nails.
  2. Solid Gel Nail Glue:

    • Consistency: This is a thicker, gel-like adhesive. It's more viscous than brush-on glue and is designed to stay in place upon application.
    • Application: Applied directly from the tube or with a special tool, then shaped or smoothed as needed. It requires more precision in application due to its thickness.
    • Curing Process: Gel nail glues typically require UV or LED light to cure (harden), taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minutes under the lamp. Depends on the amount applied.
    • Use Cases: Ideal for more durable nail enhancements, such as sculpting gel nails or attaching heavier decorations that require a stronger bond.

Key Differences:

  • Consistency and Application: Brush-on is liquid and easy to apply in thin layers, while solid gel is thicker and requires UV/LED light to cure.
  • Curing Process: Air drying for brush-on glue versus light curing for solid gel glue.
  • Durability and Use: Solid gel glue offers a stronger bond suitable for longer-lasting nail enhancements, whereas brush-on glue is more for temporary fixes and lighter applications.

Choosing between the two depends on the specific nail art or repair task at hand, the desired longevity of the application, and personal preference for the application process.

Actually, solid nail gel glue can be used as rhinestone glue gel to stick glitter diamonds and other beauty nail decor, and can also be used as a carved nail design to create more nail art. That's why it's becoming the choice of more people.The solid nail glue gel is hard state gel and the texture looks like rubber, don't harm your nails, does not flow, don't stick to hands, but it has stronger adhesion than liquid glue after it was cured under nail lamp, and is easier to operate.a proper operation can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks.


"Bought this in hopes of making doing my own nails easier - and I’m glad I did! I don’t have it perfected yet, but it was much easier, cleaner and faster than using liquid glue. My full coverage nails stayed on really well and came of very easily when I was ready to take them off and put on new ones." —— Cari Lynn

“I saw in a group where someone recommended this solid glue. This is so easy and perfect for beginners at putting on tips. I used a cuticle pusher to apply and spread on the nail, then placed it. I was able to move and press to remove bubbles without it leaking from the sides. I’m even worried i won’t be able to remove them. But I do feel like this glue just took my nails next level.”—— Annie W

“Wonderful if used right. When using this you have to make sure that the nail is clear it will not adhere properly if the nail is painted. Last three times as long as regular traditional glue and if it does come off I have a nail side or the finger side it easily peels off the other so you can reuse your tips” —— Amazon Customer

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