Preparing Your Nails For A Long-Lasting Manicure!

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Hey Babe!

Even though we have talked a lot about nails, we haven't discussed why nail preparation is so crucial when doing gel polish, polygel, dip powder, and acrylic nails!

Whether you're a DIYer or a professional, keeping your nails and cuticles clean will ensure the best manicure results.

  1. Nail Prep!
    - Clean, lasting results require proper cuticle care
    - Remove dead skin from the cuticle area using a cuticle drill.
    - Push your cuticle back by using a wood or metal implement stick.
  2. Tools for cuticle maintenance
    - Removing dead skin with a cuticle nipper is the next step. Then, trim the nails to the desired length using a nail cutter
  3. (If you’re going to use nail tips) How to select the right tip size?
    - Don’t forget to buff the surface of your nails especially if you are using nail tips to elongate your nails.
    Note: When using nail tips, ensure that they fit side wall to side wall and use just a little bit of nail glue to not overwhelm the nail bed. 
  4. Trim, blend and buff
    - Trim the tips to the desired length and shape
    - By using a file or nail drill, buff the tips to blend into the nail bed for natural-looking nails
  5. Dehydrate using a dehydrator
    - Use a nail dehydrator to remove oil and dirt that can cause lifting
  6. Primer should be applied
    - This is applied for a longer-lasting product adhesion.

Check out our Makartt Nail Prep 101 YouTube video for more details!

Hope you had fun on our simple nail prep tutorial!


1 comment

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